The Airmail Project: first show in LA

Hello lovely people – The Airmail Project now has all of the work finished (apart from one piece from China, via Holland, that’s stuck in customs in South Africa) and we had a fantastic opening night at Louis Jane Studio in Pasadena, LA.



We were also featured in ArtBlitz LA, an online magazine documenting the LA art scene, and you can read the article here.

Here are the three final pieces I was involved with as an artist

1. Safety In Numbers: me, to Ben from Malaysia, to Dean from Australia

2. Ligero Ascenso Interno: Fede from Colombia, to me, to Henk from Holland

3. Future Face: Dean from Australia, to Muso from Zambia, to me

 Safety in Numbers: UK to Malaysia to AustraliaHH3bFuture Face: Australia to Zambia to UK

What’s next? In December all the art work will head to Beirut where Saba will host a second show, and then will head to Cape Town where Andile will host. At some point we want a show in London.

Meanwhile, phase two of the project will be starting soon where instead of one large international project I’m hoping people will initiate local projects around the world, so a wider set of artists can get involved. Watch this space. Let me know if you want to join in.

The Airmail Project – LA show opens 10th October

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 23.16.17 Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 23.16.30

Delighted to announce the LA show for The Airmail Project will be opening at LOUIS JANE STUDIO, 93 E. UNION ST., PASADENA, CA 91103 as part of Pasadena Art Night.

Hope to see some of you there!

Everything You Said: Amy Acre’s Illustrated Sonnet Project

The very talented poet Amy Acre (of FGM fame) started a project called Everything You Said, asking artists to illustrate a set of abstract sonnets compiled from text messages. It took me a while to find something that felt like an appropriate response, but i think I got there.

Amy’s sonnet:


Thanks No Hey Hey You Hey Hey No Honestly, Be 1a Sweet Yeah Amy!
problem amy. amy, amy, guys dude. guys, offense please 5 tower action let’s pleasure
Yeah captain. I do made Great just taken! don’t mins street jackson. do as
I know you it night a See take off lets it! Always sorry
to know you have great. last reminder you offence st martins find x to
very prob anna’s would night. to soon. at lane out hang hassle
you well won’t number? be Thanks get X anything where out
how but and awesome for to i it and with
my small please what’s if asking the said. is perform
these don’t the you me doomed railroad you’re and with
romance circles talk address could and café awesome. rock ye.
ramblings are bout of come making for boom! that fancy
and the sage next it 8 bastard this if
you certainly me and week. such tonight. x forest


My illustration:


Dispersed creative projects now at

This wordpress site has served me well over the years, and will continue to be a home for updates and new work, but i’ve pulled my act together and created a coherent home for all my dispersed creative projects over at

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.52.40

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.53.05


Have a look and share x

This is Yours

The wonderful Bruno Davey (who was part of Take It & Run), has started a literary blog called This is Yours. He describes it as “a gang of people who love music and writing, and who put on and put out both for free.”

I’m delighted to be part of the gang – my piece about my watch/grandparents features in issue one alongside lots of other lovely stuff. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for childhood at the moment, which maybe explains why my favourite piece is On These Streets by Binky Hyde

On these streets I sipped cider in the streetlight

Smoked cigarettes that weren’t mine
Leant out bedroom windows on dark nights.
On these streets we gave backies on our bikes,
Sucked blue raspberry ice pops on rooftops

Have a look at the rest of it all here:

The Airmail Project is underway

The Airmail Project is 16 artists in 16 countries collaborating by post. Each of the 16 pieces of artwork will have been started by one of the artists, and then posted to another artist who will work on it, then posted to a third artist who will finish it. Each of the artists will participate in co-creating three pieces of art.

You can track the progress of the project on the project blog

The diverse bunch of  talented artists: Lara Salmon from USA, Federico Fernández Gärtner from Colombia, Nini Sum from China, Maria ‘Smya’ Mokbel from Hungary, Anastasia Belous from Ukraine, Dean Christie from Australia, Henk Holsheimer from Holland, Robert Ekblom from Sweden, Ben Ong from Malaysia, Saba Sadr from Lebanon, Akin Lasekan from Nigeria, Marianne Saltiel from Mexico, Andile Dyalvane from South Africa, Rosie Cooper from New Zealand, Richard Watkins from Britain, and Tara Jaffar from Iraq.

The first round of the work has just started to come back and already is showing signs of being the project we hoped for.

ture color tara Bridge to Morphosis

fede Maria - the secret garden

Introducing The Airmail Project: an international multi-artist collaboration by post

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of a new collaborative art project. Inspired by the old surrealist game Exquisite Corpse (where a figure is drawn by multiple artists) each piece in The Airmail Project will be created by three artists from different countries who will collaborate by post.

The project was born in a conversation with the talented Lara Salmon about how cultural perspectives play out in artwork and the power of co-creation. Since studying together in California in 2009 we have both lived abroad (Richard in China, Lara in Lebanon) and been involved in collaborating together (Take It & Run) and separately (No Vacancy, United Verses 译站, Most Things Move).

For the project we are now looking to gather 10-15 talented artists from different countries around the world to join in. We have already been lucky enough to find likeminded artists from Lebanon, USA, UK, Colombia, Ukraine and China – but we are still on the look out for artists from other countries. If you or anyone you know might be suitable, then do get in touch via penpaperpause at gmail dot com.


Photo via tammie_m3enf on Flickr