Into Pieces – by Hannah Kendall

Wonderful classical composer Hannah Kendall has cut six of my poems into pieces for a new work.

Into Pieces will be premiered as part of the CoMA national festival of contemporary music on 4th March 2016 at Kings Place – performed by London Sinfonietta & Contemporary Music for All, and conducted by Gregory RoseI will be reading the poems that inspired each of the 6 movements.

You can buy tickets here


The short poems are all taken from my last book Most Things Move: Peace, Night, Memories, Love, Seven Years and Autumn.

This is what Hannah has to say about the work:

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Six reasons to be excited about #LondonMixup

I recently wrote about The Mixup, a global collaboration project involving 50 artists from seven cities around the world. The way the project works is that 6-10 artists in each city work in three steps to co-create work – where each artist works on the start, the middle and the end of a piece – and each artwork will be worked on by three artists. Much like The Airmail Project.

When the project is done we will do a series of global shows. Here are six reasons to excited about the London leg:

1. ROSIE COOPER – the painter

Along with being a formative force in the whole project and the London co-host, Rosie is a wonderful painter. I’ve always enjoyed her very considered, typographical landscapes. She also did precision finishing of one of my favourite Airmail Project pieces.


2. MATTHEW MCGUINESS – the murals

I met Matt as he was transforming the Camberwell Post Office from dump to dynamic large scale story of community life and have been hoping to collaborate since. But I have only since discovered that before his murals came collage – and the whole project is a kind-of-collage.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.28.01 

3. NICK WILLIAMSON – the engineer

There is no one who does more interesting creative projects than Nick. He works at the interface of design, engineering and art – often collaboratively – and has had his handiwork on view in some of the worlds great art and design institutions. His work is normally objects so interesting to see where he goes/takes us.


4. CLAUDINE O’SULIVAN – the pencils

I was captured by Claudine’s work at first sight.  She has a distinctive style that manages to capture dynamism and life in her subjects – and look at those colours. Very chuffed she is joining in.


5. AMANDA HOLIDAY – the questioner

I met Amanda at one of her openings, as part of Camberwell Arts Festival – where Airmail Project was also showing. We had a really interesting conversation about the down-sides of the process – how at each stage work can get worse as well as better. This made me want her to join in even more and she said “Of course, although I might get a little crazy and want to tear up others’ contributions“. Could well be true for all of us.

6. ERICA PARRETT – the fabrics

Erica is one of Rosie’s favourite artists – they worked on some projects together at Dulwich Picture Gallery where Erica was artist in residence. So when the project started Rosie set about getting her on board. Luckily she didn’t take too much persuading, and I have taken to her use of fabrics and forms quite strongly.


I’m excited to be participating alongside such a wonderful bunch – here is my first phase of the project – a self portrait.



#BeingBodies Progress

Being Bodies is a yearlong creative meditation through the body. About 20+ creatives are responding to a body part each month.

Here is a little taster of some of the wonderful work that has been flowing in

We have also had some video

And a monthly dose of embodied electronica

Thanks to contributors so far: Sarah Lowe, Richard Watkins, Tamsin Kendrick, Seyhan MusaRosalind MaroneyLara Salmon, Dan Rudd, James Watkins, Donna McDowel, Amy Acre, John Kerswell, Pete SandbachSkin Deep Artist and Kate Sagovsky.

Excited to see what else will flow in – check out full collection at

Introducing The Mixup – a new global collaboration project

Those of you who followed The Airmail Project will know that after opening in LA, it travelled to Beirut and then London for the Camberwell Arts Festival, before the Istanbul show at the magical Space Debris. The 16 artists came from every corner of the globe and the work travelled a total of 264,000 miles.

Well, now I’m delighted to announce the follow up project that will build on some of the ideas and add some new ones in the mix.

The Mixup is a global collaboration project made up of local parts. Groups of artists in six cities around the world will be mixing up their creative process to co-create work. Participating cities are London (hosted by Richard Watkins and Rosie Cooper), LA (hosted by Lara Salmon and MP Knowlton), Beirut (hosted by Saba Sadr), Medellín (hosted by Federico Fernández Gärtner), Istanbul (hosted by Seyhan Musaoglu), Cape Town (hosted by Nkuthazo Alexis Dyalvane and Atang Tshikare), and Stockholm (hosted by Robert Ekbolm). After all the cities have finished, we will mix up the resulting work to create a global show, a book and a short documentary.



The process to make the work will be similar to the Airmail Project

PHASE 1: Each artist starts a piece of artwork on an A3 piece of paper – and when they are done they get together with the other artists in their city to admire the beginnings of the project – each artist leaves with a piece of work they didn’t start.

PHASE2: The second artist does some work on what the first artist started – when the artists have done what they see fit, they get together again to look at what is unfolding – each artist leaves with another piece that they haven’t yet worked on.

PHASE 3: The third artist finishes the work off – completing a set of mixed up work from the city, where every piece has been worked on by three different artists.

Inspired by Exquisite Corpse and The Airmail Project, the project explores themes of collaboration, ownership and the globally connected world. And it should be a lot of fun. Check out and follow #globalmixup.


10 Highlights from Camberwell Arts Festival 2015 #camberwellfeast

(1) Peacock Pie Cake! A nod to 1600s feasting by Sarah Peachey



(2) Picnic Benches! 10 reimagined picnic benches by local artists

This one tells the story of a Camberwell pensioner’s food memories from the war – design by Matthew McGuinness


Some understated class from Nick Williamson on Camberwell Green – inlaid with a shallow metal serving dishIMG_5101

The Nkiruka team keeping it colourful with their amazing African fabrics by the bandstand at Ruskin Park


(3) A gin palace at The Tiger constructed entirely of sweet wrappers by Frog Morris


(4) The Camberwell Open – a wonderful hang-it-all showcase of SE5 talent – by Gita at Orso Major


Where I discovered Claudine O’Sulivan and continued to enjoy Luca De Gradi

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 23.38.17

(5) A look at austerity and scarcity with Amanda Holiday’s 50 Din Din plates


(6) An actual non-metaphorical feast by those magical ladies at Pigeon Hole – featuring local food producers, and a few poems from me, including a new one

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 23.46.10

(7) The #airmailproject – I was very excited to have the use of the Camberwell Post Office – the perfect way to bring the project to people as they are buying stamps

Favourite conversation about the project by far was with an excited 7 year old who loved how far all the pictures had been posted – and special unending thanks to New Zealand artist Rosie Cooper and coffee queen Kate Sagovsky for all the help to make it work – and the guys at Kopi for making the launch breakfast so tasty.



(8) Those talented folks at Mini Moderns and their classy festival merchandise showing off Camberwell’s foodies

(9) The Big Raw Choc Slam – Richard Purnell is always a treat and Paul Point is building a lovely monthly night of spoken word in Camberwell over at Communion Bar – The Chocolate Poetry Club

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 00.14.27

(10) Everyone who gave so much time and energy to making it all happen – artists, event organisers, venues, volunteers, sponsors, and the board – a true #CamberwellFeast

Here’s to next year!

Podcast: Darkroom Talks from Space Debris Istanbul

In this episode Seyhan Musaoglu is talking to London-based innovation strategist Richard Watkins, discussing the art of collaboration and the importance of collective work.
Watkins talks about his current projects particularly the “Airmail Project” and “Being Bodies”. Airmail Project is currently on view at Camberwell Post Office as part of the Camberwell Festival after shows in LA and Beirut and will be on show at SPACE DEBRIS in July.

London show of #AirmailProject for Camberwell Arts Festival

The #airmailproject will be part of the 21st annual Camberwell Arts Festival 2015 hosted at the recently transformed Camberwell Post Office. There will be an OPENING BREAKFAST on Sat 20th June 9am-1230, with short talks at 1130 about the Post Office Project, the Matthew McGuiness mural, and The Airmail Project. CPO_OUTSIDE_08 Continue reading London show of #AirmailProject for Camberwell Arts Festival