What talent! (update on #GlobalMixup)

The Mixup is a global collaboration project – with 41 artists from 6 cities getting mixed up in each others’ creative process. In each city 5-10 artists each start a piece of work, which gets swapped with a second artists to work on, which gets swapped again for a third artist to finish (like the old game consequences/exquisite corpse).

So let’s start alphabetically – in Beirut – where Saba Sadr has gathered quite a bunch.

The bombings last November shook the city up and meant a delay to getting going – but they are a determined bunch – and now there is no stopping them…



Further south, Cape Town was quick off the marks – hosted by the combined creative force of Nkuthazo and Atang – they have already had their local show.

I was first connected to such a talented bunch through ongoing collaborator Andile Dyalvane who has his New York solo show Camagu coming up in June – before what looks like a Global Mixup show back in Cape Town in September.

Maybe it’s sadly inevitable that a global project these days encounters bombs – and I was in Istanbul last week when the bomb hit. Obviously we didn’t all get to hang out quite as planned, but I did love spending time with Elvan Ekran (in her fancy new space), having my fortune read in Turkish Coffee by talented painter Berkay and (of course) lots of time with city host Seyhan (boss at Space Debris).

Sad to see such a wonderful vibrant city shaken – but they still have that twinkle in their eyes – and Seyhan will be hosting the global show in July.


LA is also all wrapped up, and hosts MP and Lara are in the final stage of planning out a local show – scheduled for April 22. This is them a few months ago.


As per incredibly talented host Federico (who is also a musician), Medellin is quietly getting on with making brilliant work – and their local show is coming up April 5th.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 14.51.22


Back in London – we had a great opening show and co-host Rosie Cooper and Erica designed a pretty amazing workshop where artists of all ages could come and put their mark on prints of work-in-progress mixup work from some of our 50 global artists.


We are now looking forward to the Camberwell Arts festival in June – where we will have all the global work here to enjoy. In the meantime you might have seen Claudine‘s beautifully coloured animals all over the promo materials for Apple Pencil.


For full list of artists head over to www.themixup.org – and follow progress via #globalmixup or The Mixup Facebook group.

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