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BEING BODIES A creative exploration of our physicality, one body part at a time. Over 30 artists are collaborating to create work each month through 2015.


THE AIRMAIL PROJECT An international art collaboration by post – 16 artists from 16 countries co-create 16 piece of art work across 2014. So far has exhibited in LA (October 2014), Beirut (Jan 2015), London (June 2015) and Istanbul (July 2015).

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.03.07

LITERAL IDIOMS For the last few years I’ve been increasingly interested in the wonderful mess that is language and I recently became fascinated with idioms. I find it interesting how we use figurative phrases without ever thinking about their literal meaning. This project is an attempt to readdress the balance of idioms in favour of the literal.

IDIOM hold your horses

UNITED VERSES / 译站 Cross-language poetry project based in Shanghai, bringing Chinese language and English language poets together. Proud to be involved in the set-up team alongside Tom Mangione, Andrea Fassolas, and Laura McCrae. There’s a book coming soon.

TAKE IT & RUN I invited people with a creative appetite to take one of my sketches, and run with it.  Using their own individual style and whatever medium they wanted, about 40 contributors created an entirely different visual execution of my originals. We has a project showcase in January 2011 of all the wonderful work – from cross stitch to canvas, from sculpture to folk music. You can now enjoy it all online. 

planes 3

PEN PAPER PAUSE BOOK  In 2009 I self-published a lovely little paperback book with 36 of the Pen Paper Pause sketches in glorious technicolour. It was sold in independant bookshops accross the UK and San Francisco – including Whitechapel Gallery Book Shop, Brick Lane Books, Moes Books, and Needles and Pens.

The book

PASS IT ON BOOK In 2008 I made 100 books by hand and gave them to 100 people who I knew liked my sketches. The idea was that they were not allowed to keep it but had to pass it on. There have been a few stories of passed on books alive int he world being passed on, but most have yet to resurface…


  1. […] in touch after finding my book in Whitechapel Gallery bookshop. Having looked up some of my other projects, she wanted to profile my work as part of her univerity course on contemporary illustrators. […]

  2. Your work is magical. There is a true understanding of the simultaneous strength and fragility of the human condition and an inherent acceptance of God’s empathy with this. I have the Sandbach’s copy of the 2008 Pass It On book. It will stay with me for a little while before I choose the right person to share the gift with. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!

  3. i recently came across your ‘stuff’. It is intellectually stimulating and so………..analytical.
    I strongly disagree with the fact that ‘the moon is always the same’ but I do sense that ‘it moves us every time we walk away’, I quoted it in my yoga teaching and it did resonate…………..:-)

    thank you


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