#GlobalMixup lands at Camberwell Arts Festival

Exhibition:  June 6-20th
Evening View:  Thursday June 16th 6-9pm

Workshop:  Sunday June 19th 2-4pm

The Mixup is 41 artists from six global cities getting mixed up in each others’ creative process – with groups of artists from Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, London and Medellin. Every artist works on the start, the middle and the end of a piece and all 41 pieces are worked on by 3 artists.
Stay in touch by joining The Mixup Facebook Group.

We have had local shows in London, Cape Town and Medellin and now the first global show is coming to Camberwell Arts Festival – download the brochure HERE.


The work is coming in and is looking wonderful. This is a personal favourite from Cape Town’s finest: Atang Tshikare, Andile Dyalvane (whose solo show #Camugu is hitting NYC end of June) and Alexis Aronson.

The show is on at the beautiful Lumberjack Coffee which as well as making delicious coffee and being a beautiful venue for art is a non-profit social enterprise working to bring employment and training to the local community.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that all the parcels arrive in time… still waiting on Medellin and Beirut…. Then the show is heading to Istanbul’s Space Debris

What do you think?

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