I’m reposting this sketch (from mid 2009) after finding an article in Time magazine that talks about a similar thing.

In three psychological experiemnts, people behaved less honestly when it was dark. The researchers said that the darkness seemed to give people a “false sense of concealment,” and that in turn created an additional “licensing effect.”

Read more: Why Shady Deeds Are More Likely to Happen in the Dark


  1. I like your sketches and drawings. I was reading about your 100 books project…that must have been time consuming…I found your blog over at Sound of Splinters.

  2. Hi! I’ve just found your blog, I came from Robyn’s blog. I am so glad I did. Your works are amazing and I love their candid honesty. I watched the vids below, good on you for getting a book done. I admire the dedication you showed self-publishing them. I am also intriqued by your idea of a ‘real space’ blog. What a good idea! I wish you well and will be back to see what else you’re doing!

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