Take It & Run (a new collaborative project)

The idea is very simple: People who like my work will take one of my sketches, and run with it.  Using their own individual style and whatever medium they want, they will create an entirely different visual execution of my original. They will keep the words but totally re-imagine the visuals. They will create something entirely new from the same idea. An artistic cover version, if you like.

If you want to join the illustruous list of participents or follow the progress then head over to http://takeitandrun.wordpress.com where it all happens


The team so far: Becky Claydon, Ben Michelmore, Bruno Davey, David Watkins, Emily Dent, Greg Owen, Gretchen Jacobsen, Harriet Swanton, James Watkins, Josh Peters, Lara Salmon, Lize Theron, Pete Sandbach, Richard Watkins, Rosa Maroney, Sarah Silverstein, Sarah Wilson, Shireen Dew, Thomas Derrett, Thea Bowden, Will Spring and Zoe Barker.

One comment

  1. I was thinking, even though I would not term myself an ‘artist’ I was wondering if I could take one of your pieces and do my interpretation of it? I guess it could be an international contribution to your artwork.

    Ann Pimentel

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