Introducing The Mixup – a new global collaboration project

Those of you who followed The Airmail Project will know that after opening in LA, it travelled to Beirut and then London for the Camberwell Arts Festival, before the Istanbul show at the magical Space Debris. The 16 artists came from every corner of the globe and the work travelled a total of 264,000 miles.

Well, now I’m delighted to announce the follow up project that will build on some of the ideas and add some new ones in the mix.

The Mixup is a global collaboration project made up of local parts. Groups of artists in six cities around the world will be mixing up their creative process to co-create work. Participating cities are London (hosted by Richard Watkins and Rosie Cooper), LA (hosted by Lara Salmon and MP Knowlton), Beirut (hosted by Saba Sadr), Medellín (hosted by Federico Fernández Gärtner), Istanbul (hosted by Seyhan Musaoglu) and Cape Town (hosted by Nkuthazo Alexis Dyalvane and Atang Tshikare). After all the cities have finished, we will mix up the resulting work to create a global show, a book and a short documentary.



The process to make the work will be similar to the Airmail Project

PHASE 1: Each artist starts a piece of artwork on an A3 piece of paper – and when they are done they get together with the other artists in their city to admire the beginnings of the project – each artist leaves with a piece of work they didn’t start.

PHASE2: The second artist does some work on what the first artist started – when the artists have done what they see fit, they get together again to look at what is unfolding – each artist leaves with another piece that they haven’t yet worked on.

PHASE 3: The third artist finishes the work off – completing a set of mixed up work from the city, where every piece has been worked on by three different artists.

Inspired by Exquisite Corpse and The Airmail Project, the project explores themes of collaboration, ownership and the globally connected world. And it should be a lot of fun. Check out and follow #globalmixup.


What do you think?

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