10 Highlights from Camberwell Arts Festival 2015 #camberwellfeast

(1) Peacock Pie Cake! A nod to 1600s feasting by Sarah Peachey



(2) Picnic Benches! 10 reimagined picnic benches by local artists

This one tells the story of a Camberwell pensioner’s food memories from the war – design by Matthew McGuinness


Some understated class from Nick Williamson on Camberwell Green – inlaid with a shallow metal serving dishIMG_5101

The Nkiruka team keeping it colourful with their amazing African fabrics by the bandstand at Ruskin Park


(3) A gin palace at The Tiger constructed entirely of sweet wrappers by Frog Morris


(4) The Camberwell Open – a wonderful hang-it-all showcase of SE5 talent – by Gita at Orso Major


Where I discovered Claudine O’Sulivan and continued to enjoy Luca De Gradi

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 23.38.17

(5) A look at austerity and scarcity with Amanda Holiday’s 50 Din Din plates


(6) An actual non-metaphorical feast by those magical ladies at Pigeon Hole – featuring local food producers, and a few poems from me, including a new one

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 23.46.10

(7) The #airmailproject – I was very excited to have the use of the Camberwell Post Office – the perfect way to bring the project to people as they are buying stamps

Favourite conversation about the project by far was with an excited 7 year old who loved how far all the pictures had been posted – and special unending thanks to New Zealand artist Rosie Cooper and coffee queen Kate Sagovsky for all the help to make it work – and the guys at Kopi for making the launch breakfast so tasty.



(8) Those talented folks at Mini Moderns and their classy festival merchandise showing off Camberwell’s foodies

(9) The Big Raw Choc Slam – Richard Purnell is always a treat and Paul Point is building a lovely monthly night of spoken word in Camberwell over at Communion Bar – The Chocolate Poetry Club

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 00.14.27

(10) Everyone who gave so much time and energy to making it all happen – artists, event organisers, venues, volunteers, sponsors, and the board – a true #CamberwellFeast

Here’s to next year!

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