London show of #AirmailProject for Camberwell Arts Festival

The #airmailproject will be part of the 21st annual Camberwell Arts Festival 2015 hosted at the recently transformed Camberwell Post Office. There will be an OPENING BREAKFAST on Sat 20th June 9am-1230, with short talks at 1130 about the Post Office Project, the Matthew McGuiness mural, and The Airmail Project. CPO_OUTSIDE_08 As a Camberwell local, I have enjoyed the transformation of the run down post office into a bright and optimistic community mural. It’s all thanks to Priya and Matthew who have elevated the post office to something everyone can be proud of. I love not only the finished work, but also the spirit and process they took, where the mural was designed in the ongoing conversations with people using the post office as the mural was being made. So the entire thing comes from the community it is for. I am so proud to be the first exhibition to take advantage of the newly refreshed space, and revelling the opportunity to show our project in a non traditional environment where people will experience the work as they go about their normal day. At the opening breakfast on the 20th you will be able to enjoy fresh coffee and a croissant – and meet Rosie (NZ), Tara (Iraq) and Anastasia (Ukraine) who are in London. The work will also be up for the duration of the festival: 20-28 June during normal post office hours. For more great art in Camberwell over the festival, check out the programme over at or follow the conversation at #camberwellfeast

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.03.07

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