The Airmail Project: first show in LA

Hello lovely people – The Airmail Project now has all of the work finished (apart from one piece from China, via Holland, that’s stuck in customs in South Africa) and we had a fantastic opening night at Louis Jane Studio in Pasadena, LA.



We were also featured in ArtBlitz LA, an online magazine documenting the LA art scene, and you can read the article here.

Here are the three final pieces I was involved with as an artist

1. Safety In Numbers: me, to Ben from Malaysia, to Dean from Australia

2. Ligero Ascenso Interno: Fede from Colombia, to me, to Henk from Holland

3. Future Face: Dean from Australia, to Muso from Zambia, to me

 Safety in Numbers: UK to Malaysia to AustraliaHH3bFuture Face: Australia to Zambia to UK

What’s next? In December all the art work will head to Beirut where Saba will host a second show, and then will head to Cape Town where Andile will host. At some point we want a show in London.

Meanwhile, phase two of the project will be starting soon where instead of one large international project I’m hoping people will initiate local projects around the world, so a wider set of artists can get involved. Watch this space. Let me know if you want to join in.

What do you think?

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