Everything You Said: Amy Acre’s Illustrated Sonnet Project

The very talented poet Amy Acre (of FGM fame) started a project called Everything You Said, asking artists to illustrate a set of abstract sonnets compiled from text messages. It took me a while to find something that felt like an appropriate response, but i think I got there.

Amy’s sonnet:


Thanks No Hey Hey You Hey Hey No Honestly, Be 1a Sweet Yeah Amy!
problem amy. amy, amy, guys dude. guys, offense please 5 tower action let’s pleasure
Yeah captain. I do made Great just taken! don’t mins street jackson. do as
I know you it night a See take off lets it! Always sorry
to know you have great. last reminder you offence st martins find x to
very prob anna’s would night. to soon. at lane out hang hassle
you well won’t number? be Thanks get X anything where out
how but and awesome for to i it and with
my small please what’s if asking the said. is perform
these don’t the you me doomed railroad you’re and with
romance circles talk address could and café awesome. rock ye.
ramblings are bout of come making for boom! that fancy
and the sage next it 8 bastard this if
you certainly me and week. such tonight. x forest


My illustration:



What do you think?

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