The Airmail Project is underway

The Airmail Project is 16 artists in 16 countries collaborating by post. Each of the 16 pieces of artwork will have been started by one of the artists, and then posted to another artist who will work on it, then posted to a third artist who will finish it. Each of the artists will participate in co-creating three pieces of art.

You can track the progress of the project on the project blog

The diverse bunch of  talented artists: Lara Salmon from USA, Federico Fernández Gärtner from Colombia, Nini Sum from China, Maria ‘Smya’ Mokbel from Hungary, Anastasia Belous from Ukraine, Dean Christie from Australia, Henk Holsheimer from Holland, Robert Ekblom from Sweden, Ben Ong from Malaysia, Saba Sadr from Lebanon, Akin Lasekan from Nigeria, Marianne Saltiel from Mexico, Andile Dyalvane from South Africa, Rosie Cooper from New Zealand, Richard Watkins from Britain, and Tara Jaffar from Iraq.

The first round of the work has just started to come back and already is showing signs of being the project we hoped for.

ture color tara Bridge to Morphosis

fede Maria - the secret garden


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