Introducing The Airmail Project: an international multi-artist collaboration by post

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of a new collaborative art project. Inspired by the old surrealist game Exquisite Corpse (where a figure is drawn by multiple artists) each piece in The Airmail Project will be created by three artists from different countries who will collaborate by post.

The project was born in a conversation with the talented Lara Salmon about how cultural perspectives play out in artwork and the power of co-creation. Since studying together in California in 2009 we have both lived abroad (Richard in China, Lara in Lebanon) and been involved in collaborating together (Take It & Run) and separately (No Vacancy, United Verses 译站, Most Things Move).

For the project we are now looking to gather 10-15 talented artists from different countries around the world to join in. We have already been lucky enough to find likeminded artists from Lebanon, USA, UK, Colombia, Ukraine and China – but we are still on the look out for artists from other countries. If you or anyone you know might be suitable, then do get in touch via penpaperpause at gmail dot com.


Photo via tammie_m3enf on Flickr


  1. Hi there! I’m interested in this but couldn’t find an email address to get in touch. Please let me know if there’s an address to contact. Thanks.

  2. Hi! My name is Akinyele Lasekan, (Nigeria). I’m interested in this. I got your link from my uncle, Mr Lampe Omoyele Please let me know the next line of action (
    . Thanks.

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