Most Things Move: a book of illustrated poems by Richard Watkins & Gretchen Jacobsen

I’m delighted to announce the launch of my latest book, Most Things Move, a book of short poems exploring things that move and things that move us, illustrated by the ever wonderful Gretchen Jacobsen and published by Simply This. Please come down for the launch event at Kahaila Cafe 135 Brick Lane (E1 6SB) on the evening of Thursday 15 August 2013. Alternatively the illustrations will be exhibiting in the cafe for the whole of August. To give you a taste of the theme, here is the preface:

With enough time, or close enough attention,
Things that seem still show signs of motion –
A previously fixed object, or a stagnant situation,
Starts to slowly loosen up under observation –
We find things less rigid than we imagine –
More fluid than we can fathom –
And as we look, there’s another shift:
We are moved by these moving things.

Gretchen’s pencil is always full of magic.

Couple by Gretchen Jacobsen

You can pre-order it for £5 GBP (including UK delivery)

For international delivery click HERE.

Special thanks go to Sarah Lowe and Ben Weldon, without whom the whole project wouldn’t have unfolded.

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