Sarah Silverstein illustrations

Sarah Silverstein is an amazing young illustrator based in Southampton. Having previously contributed to the Take It & Run project, she decided to take one of my poems as inspiration for another project she was doing – this time on the urban environment. You can see much more over at

The full poem below…


This city is a monster –
Ripping you limb from limb –
Devouring your sense of self
Before you can settle in.

This city is a fickle lover,
Dancing through the forest –
She will beg you to stay
But won’t keep her promise.

This city is an illusion –
Smog and reflected glass –
We merge with the shadows
As the people rush past.

This city is a raging river,
Threatening to burst –
It could wash us away
But it quenches our thirst.

What do you think?

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