End Of The Road festival: impromptu poetry/music collision

Special things can happen out of the blue. At The End of The Road festival, I was happily watching three of the boys from The Mountaineering Club sharing some of their musical talent on the Living Room Stage. I went on to read some of my poems on the same stage, and before any of us really knew what had hit us, we were creating a live collision of improvised music and poetry. Some of it was caught on camera, so I thought it only polite to share.

By the way – If you havent heard any of their stuff yet then enjoy them at their magical best via http://themountaineeringclub.bandcamp.com/.

THE MOON: This is my most recent poem, written for the Moon festival in China (which is on the 12th september), accompanied by “moon music” from Tom Adams (Piano), Leo Plunkett (Sop Sax.) and Richard Blake (Trumpet).

AGE: This is actually two poems collided together, both about the joy of getting older, accompanied by “growing older music” from the same mighty trio.


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