the city earth (United Verses 译站)

As part of the United Verses 译站 project, I had the pleasure of working with chinese poet Zhou Haiming (周海明). One of his poems that really struck me was Abandon (废弃) which is about throwing away things you have written down. This is the line I love the most:

The whole poem:

Abandoning ideas embodies my struggle,
Unable to resist what is superficial,
Unable to prevent my neighbours’ judgement –
Them who just live to see the air around
While my old print sinks into the soil to decay,
Summer’s ghost breathing like a carp.
The city earth is looking for our wasted thoughts.
We are in the dark, and tomorrow also has a night,
But I rush though crowded days, working to get paid.

悠久的打印垃圾 沉入泥土

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