A partially complete political map (a-z)

In the summer of 2009 I took an art course in California. I thought i’d share a little project that was one of many fond memories. We were asked to use 25 found objects to create a sculpture and, with so much bark spontaneously peeling off the trees on the campus, I did this:

As the title sugests, it’s a partially complete world map. Each of the 25 countries is represented by a piece of bark that chanced to be an approximatly matching shape. In addition, all of the countries begin with a differtent letter of the alphabet (with the X marking the spot where I did the piece, the USA). By not taking any account of the size of the pieces of bark, an interesting political picture emerged: the West Bank dominates the middle east, the big global land mass sits with Japan/Cuba/Benin, and New Zealanders can delight in making Australia look like a minow.

But the main thing is, as I’m sure you can imagine, it was an awful lot of fun searching though a massive pile of bark looking for shape matches.

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