Poetry at Balham Bowls Club

Katie Bonna is a bit of a kindred spirit – we both made debut performances at the marvelous monthly that is Kid I wrote back, we were sidekicks on our first attempt at poetry busking (we raised £2.66 under some pretty harsh weather conditions), and we have shared beers and stages all across London.

As poet in residence at Balham Bowls Club (love those sausage rolls) she has hosted a few nights there with Richard Marsh that I’ve been luck enough to be part of:

Now they are back with another instalment on April 13th, A Fool’s Poetree and if I didn’t live in Shanghai now, I’d be there in a shot.


And while I’m at it, I will also recomend Kid I wrote Back which this month is on April 11th at Bar Kick.

What do you think?

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