** Book launch – 11th June – Brick Lane **

Join me for my book launch this Thursday (11th June). It is shaping up to be good. There will be wine, general milling around, some stuff that inspires, and a chance to buy the book (which, all bias aside, is really quite good).

The book

The details:
* Eastside books, 166 Brick Lane, E1 6RU
* Doors at 7pm (around 830 you will be welcome to join me for an post-launch drink on Brick Lane)

Not to mention that the weather is looking perfect for doing something inside, and the vague threat of a potential tube strike adds a certain sense of excitement/drama.

And remember: if the tube strike doesn’t get called off, the journey planner on www.tfl.gov.uk is your friend – it probably wont be total shut down and there are loads of busses – don’t let the system hold you back.

Hope to see you there. Email launch@penpaperpause.com if you want to let me know you are coming (or just turn up and say hello).

One comment

  1. I saw that book!
    I was going to buy it, but alas, I had not enough money on me.
    Also, I would like to suggest you making a thicker book, with more drawings, for a slightly more expensive price.

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